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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Mexico | El Triunfo | Women Producers | Medium Roast

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FLAVOR PROFILE Clean and sweet, easy to drink, with praline, toffee and lemon flavors coupled with a soft citric acidity.



ROAST Medium

REGION El Castaño, Chiapas

PROCESS Fully Washed

ELEVATION 900–1800 meters

VARIETY Bourbon, Caturra, Typica


This coffee comes from a group of women farmers within the Triunfo Verde Co-op., one of the founding cooperatives of the El Triunfo Reserve Project, our main source for easy to drink, sustainable coffees from Mexico. For us it’s a no brainer: the member farmers are not only committed to continually improving cup quality through technical education, facility upgrades and an ever-increasing attention to lot selection based on cup quality. Their commitment to sustainable agro-forestry is proved by their maintenance of bio-corridors through their farms and the multi-species shade canopy over their coffee trees to create a true buffer zone for the bordering El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve-- home of Mesoamerica’s largest contiguous Cloud Forest. 

The 51 women coffee farmers of the Triunfo Verde Co-op who bring you this cup have come together to address some of the issues that affect women farmers in Mexico. With their work and coordination, they strive to address gender-based domestic violence, legal obstacles to obtaining land ownership, limited opportunities to diversify the family income, fewer educational opportunities, and economic dependence on men. As part of these efforts, the group has launched a financial program for women called FinMujer (Financing of the Coffee Woman). With this initiative, these women coffee producers aim to distribute funds for farm renovation, home improvements, the establishment of savings funds, and more.

To learn more about the reserve, check out Biosphere Reserve


-Fair Trade


Mexico | El Triunfo | Women Producers | Medium Roast

Mexico | El Triunfo | Women Producers | Medium Roast