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Our Commitment to Women Coffee Producers

At Tiny Footprint Coffee, we believe that environmental and social justice go hand in hand. It is because of this that since our founding we have been dedicated to sourcing from Women Coffee Producers across the world, consistently and proudly sold and represented their incredible beans, and done our best to tell their stories.

Learn more here about the inspiring women behind these exceptional carbon negative coffees, and how each cup you enjoy of their Tiny Footprint Beans positively impacts their lives and communities, as well as the planet. 

And as always with Tiny Footprint Coffee, you’ll be helping the environment with every bag. Support our women coffee producers now and let your cup overflow with good karma. 


Sumatra Takengon Gayo | Takengon Select

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This coffee comes from the highest altitude family-run farms within two cooperatives—Ketiera and Koperasi Kopi Gayo Organic (KKGO)—located in the Takengon highlands of the northern Aceh province on the island of Sumatra. In effect, it is double-select coffee: we are selecting the coffees we like from select high-altitude lots produced by the two cooperatives, both of whom are committed to improving cup quality and living conditions in their region.

The farms and cooperatives are managed mainly by women from the Gayonese ethnic group. Many of the men in their community were killed or exiled during the Free Aceh Movement, actively resisting Indonesian government control, until as recently as 2005. The movement can trace its roots to the brutal 30-year Aceh War of Gayonese resistance to Dutch colonialism in the late 1800’s. These inspiring and skilled women use the premium Fair Trade prices they receive to address needs in their communities, including supporting health clinics and schools. To support these women is to directly support their beautiful communities, and this support begins with you, the buyer. 

Guatemala Women Producers ASPROCDEGUA Co-op

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This coffee comes straight from women-owned and/or managed farms within the Asociación de Productores de Café Diferenciados y Especiales de Guatemala cooperative, located across multiple municipalities in the departments of Huehuetenango and San Marcos. First, it is the best tasting lot from Guatemala we’ve cupped this season. Second, (and depending on your worldview, maybe most importantly) it is another coffee that goes beyond Fair Trade in scope and price, directly empowering our partners at source. In this case, the premiums support technical assistance and social programs focused on food security, nutrition and education for the women (and their communities) who bring this coffee to your cup. 

Mexico | El Triunfo Reserve 

This coffee comes from a group of women farmers within the Triunfo Verde Co-Op, one of the founding cooperatives of the El Triunfo Reserve Project, our main source for easy to drink, sustainable coffees from Mexico. For us it’s a no brainer: the member farmers are not only committed to continually improving cup quality through technical education, facility upgrades and an ever-increasing attention to lot selection based on cup quality. Their commitment to sustainable agro-forestry is supported by their maintenance of bio-corridors through their farms and the multi-species shade canopy over their coffee trees, which create a true buffer zone for the bordering El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve-- home of Mesoamerica’s largest contiguous Cloud Forest. 

The 51 women coffee farmers of the Triunfo Verde Co-op who bring you this cup have come together to address some of the issues that affect women farmers in Mexico. With their work and coordination, they strive to address gender-based domestic violence, legal obstacles to obtaining land ownership, limited opportunities to diversify the family income, fewer educational opportunities, and economic dependence on men. As part of these efforts, the group has launched a financial program for women called FinMujer (Financing of the Coffee Woman). With this initiative, these women coffee producers aim to distribute funds for farm renovation, home improvements, the establishment of savings funds, and more.

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