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Wholesale Coffee Roasting what we do, and through our experience helping coffee retailers serve great coffee, this is the most important lesson we have learned:





That is why our wholesale program is thoughtfully designed to ensure that your customers have a consistent and delightful coffee experience with every cup.


Our sourcing practice uncovers delicious, interesting coffees from around the world, but equally important, it has shown us that buying standard organic fair trade coffees is not enough. That’s why we often go beyond: working with our partners to support programs that reward farmers for producing true specialty coffees, while helping fund additional environmental and social programs in their communities. This is a difference your customers will taste and enjoy.



All of our coffees are craft-roasted fresh by our roast master, Kevin Larson, on our 1960’s vintage Probat coffee roaster. Retrofitted with modern, fuel efficient, micro processor-driven ribbon burners, it’s the perfect combination of art, science and machine.



From coffee basics to latte art and preventative maintenance for your machines, we host twice-weekly comprehensive, hands-on training classes for baristas of all skill levels. Private training sessions held at your location or at our training center are also available by request.



You can’t make great coffee without working and properly calibrated equipment. We work with top manufacturers (Fetco, La Marzocco, Mahlkonig, Nuova Simonelli…) and locate high quality used pieces to tailor espresso and coffee brewing equipment packages to fit both your needs and budget. After the sale, our in-house sales and service team promptly responds 24/7 to all maintenance requests.



While we’re serious about expeditiously handling our customers’ orders and special requests, we have a team of friendly coffee pros who like to have fun by forming relationships based on shared values and good conversation. And we are always here if you just want to talk or discuss new ideas for your business.



To further support our customers, we offer fun posters, informational aids, and other point of sale materials. To help you build sales we will co-promote your business on our social media platform and our website, co-sponsor events, and we are always willing to participate in your local marketing initiatives. The combination helps drive awareness about your business, your commitment to local and sustainable partnerships, and customers through your door.