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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Rwanda | COOPAC | Natural Dry | Micro-Lot | Light Roast

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Flavor Profile - Silky tones of vanilla and dark chocolate enveloped by ample fruit from the natural drying process and a long syrupy finish. 

Rwanda COOPAC | Natural Dry | Micro-Lot | Kirorero - Gisiza

-Roast: Light

-Region: Kirorero - Gisiza districts, Western Province of Rwanda

-Process: Natural Dry

-Elevation: 1,800-2000 meters

-Variety: Bourbon Mayaguez

 More info about the coffee

This delicious, fruit and chocolate-infused coffee begins its journey to your cup from volcanic ash laden soils covering the mountainsides next to Lake Kivu. There the whole cherry is natural dried in the sun on raised screens above the breathtaking lake. From there, it continues its journey to our roastery, and finally, your cup.

More info about this farm

COOPAC is a Rwandan growing cooperative with over 8,000 members and a full suite of social and environmental sustainability programs. Founded by Emmanuel Rwakagara in 2001 with just 110 members, the now expanded cooperative includes over 50 washing stations along Lake Kivu, and exports 150 containers of skillfully-processed, Fair Trade Certified coffee annually.

Committed to environmental and social sustainability, COOPAC has integrated sustainable and ethical practices into its coffee, from the processing of its beans to the impact of their trade. Shade tree saplings and agroforestry education are provided for its members (it's fair to say we're big fans here). Meanwhile, COOPAC bolsters its community with nutrition, infrastructure, and education programs, leaving a positive impact on the community and environment which bring these delicious beans to your door. 

-Certified Organic

-Certified Fair Trade

- Kosher

Rwanda | COOPAC | Natural Dry | Micro-Lot  | Light Roast

Rwanda | COOPAC | Natural Dry | Micro-Lot | Light Roast