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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Honduras | Orlando Arita | Anaerobic Fermentation | Micro-lot

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Flavor Profile Full, velvety body with notes of pear and tangerine - light spice, chocolate, and strawberries in the finish

Honduras | Orlando Arita | Anaerobic Fermentation | Micro-lot | 2022

ROAST: Light
REGIONGuisayote, Ocotepeque
FARM:  Finca Jireh
ELEVATION:  1600 meters
VARIETYCatuai, Pacas, and Borbon
PROCESSAnaerobic Fermentation


More info about this coffee

This coffee is one of  latest experiments with anaerobic fermentation. Usually, coffee cherry is processed within hours of picking to avoid excessive aerobic fermentation that can render the coffee sour or too “funky.” In Don Orlando’s anaerobic process, he locks the cherry in a water filled drum, monitors the PH and temperature to ensure slow anaerobic fermentation that metabolizes the fruit sugars without leaving a vinegar taste, heightening the flavor qualities of the coffee while producing a rich body.
After about 72 hours, he washes the cherry, then spreads them out to dry on raised screens for 20-25 days. The care given to these beans by Don Orlando and his family is second to none. The coffee is then further picked for defects while it is resting, and by the time it is ready for export this coffee is pristine.

More info about this farm

Don Orlando started Finca Jireh close to 30 years ago and since has been a pioneer in specialty coffees in Honduras. He has participated and won the cup of excellence in the past and continues to win accolades for his coffees year after year. Don Orlando's focus on quality is easily appreciated by a look at his farm and his constant experimentation with various processing methods.

He is also one of the first Honduran farmers to have a zero waste farm, where any waste produced by coffee growing is recycled in some way and reused to add value. He recycles all the water from his wet mill and ensures it returns without any particles, the Cascara (cherry fruit) is either composted for organic fertilizer or carefully washed and dried for tea.


Honduras | Orlando Arita | Anaerobic Fermentation | Micro-lot

Honduras | Orlando Arita | Anaerobic Fermentation | Micro-lot