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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Rwanda | Mbilima Washing Station | Light Roast

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Organic Fair Trade Rwanda Single Origin Coffee - Triple Washed

Flavor Profile -  Sweet and silky, with distinctly citrusy orange-zest acidity, caramelly sweetness, and notes of plum, hibiscus, rosemary, and red wine

Rwanda Dukunde Kawa Cooperative - Mbilima Washing Station

-Roast: Light

-Region: Akanduga Village, Gakenke District, Rwanda

-Process: Triple washed and dried on raised beds

-Elevation: 1500 – 2100 meters

More info about this coffee

Dukunde Kawa is a well-known producer group in Rwanda, as much for exceptionally bright and memorable coffees as for its exceptional business structure: the cooperative carries multiple certifications for its various washing stations including Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and more than 80% of its workforce are women. Not only that but the organization is located in the Northern province, which, despite its closeness to Kigali, tends to be little-known in specialty coffee compared to the west and south. Since first organizing in 2000 with a single wet mill, years before the majority of washing stations in Rwanda even existed, Dukunde Kawa has received sustainability awards from the SCA as well as placing in the top positions in Rwanda’s Cup of Excellence competition. Today the cooperative has over 2,000 farmer members and four washing stations in the Gakenke District north of Kigali. Mbilima is one of these stations. 

-Certified Organic

- Fair Trade

-Rainforest Alliance

- Kosher

Rwanda | Mbilima Washing Station | Light Roast

Rwanda | Mbilima Washing Station | Light Roast