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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Papua New Guinea Timuza Coop - Medium Roast

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Flavor Profile: Bright notes of peach and blackberry enveloped by full-bodied caramel and vanilla-laced sweetness, with hints of spice and herb in the finish.   

Roast: Medium   


Papua New Guinea Timuza Cooperative

- Region: Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

- Farmers: Over 200 small-holder member farmers of the Kamano tribal group

- Process: Fully washed and sun dried 

- Altitude: 1,420 – 1,600 meters

- Tree Varieties: Arusha, Mundo Novo, Typica

- Soil: Volcanic Loam


-Certified Organic



Sent to us by one of our trusted importers, this coffee really shined on the cupping table; balanced acidity and great clarity for a coffee from this part of the world. In these cases, the growing conditions and terroir have always been present, but significant improvements in processing techniques by dedicated coffee artisans, supported by proper infrastructure, grant higher quality coffee.

Small one and two hectare farm plots are the norm for the Timuza members, who are often intercropping their coffee with shade trees and harvesting other food crops like yams and cassava. The cooperative provides training to its members on an extensive variety of topics, including coffee husbandry, gender equality, and personal financial management. Using certified organic products and traditional processing methods (including fermentation in hand-woven bilum bags), the cooperative aced its recent entry in a national cupping competition, placing first in August 2016 out of over 40 participating groups and over one hundred samples. 

Papua New Guinea Timuza Coop - Medium Roast

Papua New Guinea Timuza Coop - Medium Roast