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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Colombia | Café Femenino | Cauca | Medium Roast

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Flavor Profile: Orange noted brightness accenting rich chocolate and dried fruit infused full body.  

Roast: Medium

Region: Cauca

Farm (Finca): Cooperative lot of Cauca farms

Elevation: 1,375 – 1,900 meters

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Process: Wet, Fully Washed

More Info about this coffee

Our single origin Colombian Café Femenino comes from the COSURCA cooperative of farms in Cauca. This coffee is grown and processed by a community of women coffee farmers within the larger cooperative.  undergoes a fully washed process, and comes to us as the final product of  Café Femenino Colombia Program.

Since 2004, this program has functioned as an arm of Café Femenino®, an organization and movement empowering women coffee farmers, originating in Peru and now spanning nine countries. While women have always played a vital role in coffee production, they were not always recognized or directly compensated for their work. In 2003, a few women in northern Peru changed this by co-founding Café Femenino® alongside Organic Products Trading Company. Through their courage and action, women were finally recognized as coffee producers and paid accordingly for the coffee they produced.

The production and purchase of the Colombian Café Femenino directly impacts and is a product of these women coffee farmers and their community in Cauca. Through years of work, they have overcome several social and economic barriers, including the ingrained social stigma of leaving their homes as women. Today, they serve as a thriving bolster to their community and economy. With 438 women farmers actively championed by both their husbands and local governments, the women of the Café Femenino Colombia Program now obtain the title to the lands on which they farm, earn an extra premium for their high-quality coffee beans, and serve in leadership roles as they enact programs, trainings, and initiatives that further benefit their community.

Thanks to these women and the Café Femenino® founders before them, when you choose the Colombian Café Femenino, you’re choosing more than a specialty coffee. You’re choosing to stand with women coffee farmers fighting for the credit they deserve and the voice they need to empower themselves and their communities. And as always, with your purchase at Tiny Footprint Coffee, you're working towards a sustainable environment in which they may continue to grow.

- Certified Organic

- Kosher

- Fair Trade

Colombia | Café Femenino | Cauca | Medium Roast

Colombia | Café Femenino | Cauca | Medium Roast