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New Compostable One Pound Bags

by Alan Krohnke |

After years of searching for sustainable packaging materials and having potential solutions fail in testing we finally have a winner: a fully compostable one pound coffee bag made up of a kraft paper outer shell with a PLA oxygen barrier and one-way valve. Starting now, all one pound bags ordered from the Tiny Footprint website will be packaged in these 100% compostable bags. Bags (and spent coffee grounds!) are compostable in industrial composting systems once the label is removed (given enough time and heat they will breakdown in backyard compost systems).


This is part one of a multi-part change over for our packaging protocol. We are already on phase 2 of working out printing issues with compostable label feedstock so the label will no longer have to be removed before composting. Phase 3 consists of changing all of our larger volume bags to compostable material as well. Currently, our supplier has no commitment or timeline to manufacture larger volume bags (the manufacturing yield is too low at larger sizes), so our search will continue! We have been experimenting with a variety of materials, testing their sustainability, quality, and ability to keep your coffee fresh. In the meantime, we will continue investing in more sustainable infrastructure, tree planting and roast incredible coffee so we all can do more good.

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