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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Mexico | El Triunfo Reserve | Medium Roast

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FLAVOR PROFILE Clean, apricot and cherry toned acidity with full chocolate laced body, and a soft and sweet finish.



ROAST Medium

REGION El Castaño, Chiapas

PROCESS Fully Washed, Sun Dried

ELEVATION 1618 meters

VARIETY Bourbon, Arabe, Mundo Novo


This is the 5th year in a row we’ve purchased coffee from the El Triunfo project and we're already look forward to the 2021 crop. For us it’s a no brainer: the member farmers are not only committed to continually improving cup quality through technical education, facility upgrades and an ever-increasing attention to lot selection based on cup quality. Their commitment to sustainable agro-forestry is proved by their maintenance of bio-corridors through their farms and the multi-species shade canopy over their coffee trees to create a true buffer zone for the bordering El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve-- home of Mesoamerica’s largest contiguous Cloud Forest.

In addition to the Fair-Trade price paid to the coop, we pay an additional $.20 per pound for a quality and buffer-zone maintenance incentive. Finally, a third premium is paid for the farmer specific lots that we occasionally buy. 

To learn more about the reserve, check out Biosphere Reserve



-Fair Trade


-All 1 pound orders packaged in compostable kraft paper bags (100% compostable after label removal), learn more at our blog.

Mexico | El Triunfo Reserve | Medium Roast

Mexico | El Triunfo Reserve | Medium Roast