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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Honduras | Finca La Guadalupe | Maragogype | Medium Roast

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Flavor Profile:  Round bodied elegant coffee with flavors of deep chocolate and notes of stone fruits.

Honduras Finca La Guadalupe Maragogype

Roast: Medium

RegionLa Labor, Ocotepeque

Farm: Finca La Guadalupe

Elevation:  1,650 meters

Variety: Maragogype

Process: Fully Washed - Slow Patio Dried

More info about this coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee is excited to bring you this exclusive offering - the Maragogype bean from Finca La Guadalupe. The Maragogype is known as "elephant bean" because of it’s larger size, and in our opinion, its refined elegance. A mutation of the Typica varietal, this Maragogype coffee from Seline Recinos comes with a round body, great clarity and flavors of rich chocolate with different stone fruit notes dancing in and out.

This Honduras coffee, once again, is a result of friend and producer Seline Recinos' dedication to and passion for his craft. Years ago, Selin found a tree on Finca La Guadalupe that looked as though it may be a Maragogype varietal. So he harvested some fruits, sent them to get tested, and confirmed they were indeed from the coffee tree of the elephant bean. Three years ago he began taking the seeds from that one plant to start the process of cultivating a nursery for these specific trees. Today, Selin has over 1500 Maragogype plants. Last year, the trees bore fruit for harvest for the first time, yielding half a bag of green (unroasted) coffee. This year is his first full production of this coffee, 15 bags of green, tiny enough that we bought them all.  We at Tiny Footprint Coffee are honored to be the only roastery in the world to offer them to our faithful supporters. We have done our very best to craft roast this hyper select, hyper specific micro lot  - a unique coffee, wildly attractive both in appearance and in the cup. 


More info about this farm

Over 40 years ago, Selin Recinos Sr. and Petrona Perez started Finca La Guadalupe as a small plot of land, hoping it would help their family prosper. With a keen eye on sustainability, slowly but surely, through two generations of hard work and dedication, the small plot they started has grown. It is now part of a legacy that spans four families, including that of Selin Recinos Jr., all descended from Selin Sr. & his wife, Petrona.

After Selin Sr.’s passing, Selin Jr. took over the family farm in its entirety, and now looks after his sister’s land as well as his own, and continues his father’s mission of grow high quality coffee with family at the forefront. His wife, Blanca, is a cupper, and works with him to continue the legacy of quality and sustainability started in La Labor so long ago.

Beyond just growing quality coffee, Selin Jr. demonstrates a strong commitment to growing coffee sustainably, building on the bedrock laid by his father. He minimizes water use alongside a water recycling system, protects the wildlife on his farms, and continues to plant trees on his land. In 2017 alone, he planted 5,000 trees that will provide shade for future coffee growing areas.

What results from this passion is a sustainable farm and coffee of exceptional quality. In 2003 Selin Jr. participated in the first coffee competition, a precursor to the Cup of Excellence, and won 4th place. Last year, he entered his coffee in COCAFELOL’s annual competition that takes the best coffee from the Ocotepeque region in Honduras and he won 2nd place.

Selin's coffee comes to us through direct trade with our friend Andros Mitri of Cima Coffees. Originally from Honduras, Andros brings as much personal care, attention, and dedication to Finca La Guadalupe as Selin. With an eye on socio-economic justice and a passion for high-quality beans, Andros works to ensure the specificity and dedication Selin puts into growing and processing his coffee is ethically reflected in trade, and shows up as nuanced, delicious sips of every cup you drink.

-Direct Trade

-Certified Organic 



Honduras | Finca La Guadalupe | Maragogype | Medium Roast

Honduras | Finca La Guadalupe | Maragogype | Medium Roast