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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Honduras | Finca El Zapote | Red Honey | Medium Roast

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Flavor Profile:   Sweet and silky with deep fruit tones (pineapple, nectarine, strawberry) backed by milk chocolate and caramel like body and light spice notes in the finish.

Roast: Medium

Producer: Evangelina Matute

Region: Santa Maria, La Paz, Honduras

Farm (Finca): El Zapote

Elevation:  1,250 - 1,700 Meters 

Varieties: Catuai, Ihcafe 90, and Parainema

Process: Red Honey Process (aka Pulped Natural) | Screen Dried | Micro-Lot 

More info about this farm

Coffee Leaf Rust (fungas: Hemileia vastatrix), made more vigorous by warmer temperatures, destroyed a large percentage of Evangelina Matute's coffee trees that were already stressed by abnormally dry conditions in Honduras. She responded heroically (only her family's livelihood was at stake) by starting her own nursery to systematically replace damaged and stressed coffee trees, while increasing the number of shade trees (we really like that part) on her farm. With help from her cooperative (RAOS:  Cooperativa Regional de Agricultores Orgánicos de la Sierra), she invested in new eco-friendly demucliager (a machine that pulps the skin off coffee cherry) to reduce her farm's dependence on fresh water. 

More info about this coffee

Evanglina's Red Honey process is careful ripe cherry selection from trees mainly 3-5 years old, then pulped with her demucliager tuned to remove the skin and part of the underlying fruit.  The parchment (a paper like membrane that surrounds the two coffee seeds inside the cherry) covered by the remaining fruit is immediately moved to raised screens to dry in the sun.  Dry milling is done at RAOS where two electronic eyes running in series color sort the green beans before a final hand sorting to prepare the beans for export.       



-All 1 pound orders packaged in compostable kraft paper bags (100% compostable after label removal), learn more at our blog.


Certified Organic 



Honduras | Finca El Zapote | Red Honey | Medium Roast

Honduras | Finca El Zapote | Red Honey | Medium Roast