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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Ethiopia Guji | Suke Quto | Honey Process - Light Roast

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FLAVOR PROFILE Silkier and sweeter than our washed process Ethiopian, with intense floral aromatics and red fruit tones, that dissolve into a sweet chocolate with notes of Earl Grey tea (bergamot) in the finish.


ROAST Light   

REGION Sidama, Guji Zone

PROCESS  Honey Process

ALTITUDE 1800-2200 meters

VARIETY Kurume and Welicho


More info about this coffee

Traditionally, coffee in Ethiopia is processed either fully washed (pulped, wet fermented, washed, then dried) or full natural (the whole cherry sun-dried). This coffee, however, is honey processed, which means that the thin, sticky layer of mucilage is left on the bean for the drying process. To leave this mucilage on the bean is not only to use less water while washing the beans, but it also tempers acidity in the final product, changing the flavor profile to make for a silkier, sweeter cup.

At over 6,000 feet (1800 meters +), following strict quality standards, the farm is part of a program established by our importing partner (and enabled ultimately by you) that pays for its organic certification and additional price premiums when quality standards are met.

More info about the Suke Quto farm

This is our kind of story: a heroic tale of a coffee farmer, Tesfaye, with a dream to grow specialty coffee under the shade of the forest canopy in and around his small 5 hectare farm, finding success in high-quality coffee. Some time after Tesfaye founded Suke Quto in 2005, a large amount of the surrounding forest was consumed by a fire, leaving his farm and neighboring land threatened by soil erosion and eventual desertification. This was exacerbated by many of his neighbors choosing to plant corn and teff in the fields destroyed by the fire. Tesfaye decided that the only way out of this environmental predicament was to turn his neighbors into ecologically friendly coffee farmers by giving them, in addition to his expertise, shade and coffee tree seedlings. Today, in addition to his now 221 hectare strong farm, he has over 150 neighbors delivering prime organic coffee cherry to his mill for processing. 

-100% Shade-Grown Arabica Bean Coffee

-Certified Organic


Ethiopia Guji | Suke Quto | Honey Process - Light Roast

Ethiopia Guji | Suke Quto | Honey Process - Light Roast