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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Ethiopia Guji Artisan Series | Suke Quto | Fully Washed | Light Roast

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FLAVOR PROFILE  Full and silky with chocolate, bergamot and jasmine flavors; sweet raspberry and clove notes revealed in the finish. 


ROAST Light   

REGION  Guji Zone

PROCESS  Fully washed, dried on canopy-covered raised beds in the sun

ALTITUDE 1800-2200 masl

VARIETY Kurume and Welicho



We are beyond excited to bring you our Ethiopian Guji Artisan Series from Suke Quto. Grown and processed as part of Operation Cherry Red, this coffee comes to your cup as a product of passion and investment by Tesfaye and his team at Suke Quto.

While we've brought you exceptional coffees from Suke Quto before, this Artisan Series coffee is the highest quality, and that's because it comes from a very specific lot as part of a very specific program: Operation Cherry Red. Established by our importing partner Trabocca, Operation Cherry Red (OCR) rewards coffee farmers for their hard work and innovation - providing a premium, training, and resources to grow and process their highest quality beans. The results are incredible. With nuanced and exceptional flavor profiles, farmers empowered by the program consistently produce great cupping coffees and develop best practices they can carry forward to the next year's harvest.

Coming to you from the Suke Quto Washing Station, this specific coffee is grown at over 6,000 feet (1800 meters +) in fertile volcanic soil. It's then wet processed (washed) with a keen eye under OCR quality standards. At Suke Quto, wet processing includes pulping the skin off the cherry and allowing the remaining fruit to ferment for 36 -72 hours (depending on weather conditions). The softened sweet smelling fruit is then washed off the parchment (a paper-like membrane that contains the two coffee seeds), then sun dried on canopy covered raised screens that keep the drying parchment at stable temperatures for 9-13 days. The coffee then makes its way to our roastery, where we expertly craft roast to ensure every bit of effort and attention in its processing shows up in your cup. 



This is our kind of story: a heroic tale of an agronomist turned specialty coffee farmer - Tesfaye - with a dream to grow specialty coffee under the shade of the forest canopy in and around his small 5 hectare farm. Tesfaye founded Suke Quto in 2005. Some time after, a large amount of the surrounding forest was consumed in a series of brush fires, leaving his farm and neighboring land threatened by soil erosion and eventually desertification. This was exacerbated by many of his neighbors choosing to plant corn and Teff in the eroded fields. Tesfaye decided the only way out of this predicament was to turn his neighbors into ecologically friendly coffee farmers by giving them, in addition to his expertise, shade and coffee tree seedlings.

Today, in addition to his now 500 hectare-strong farm, he has over 150 neighbors delivering prime organic coffee cherry to his mill for processing. And as participants in the program Operation Cherry Red, the training and resources provided to these farmers have resulted in coffee of the highest quality, which translates directly to the cup. Beyond all this, Tesfaye is not only invested in the environment and sustainability of these farms, but in bolstering the lives of farmers and communities within and around them. Through a lens of social and economic justice, Tesfaye works to ensure coffee farmers make living wages for their dedicated work and incredible beans. He also initiated a community project investing in education. Alongside a handful of dedicated coffee roasters, Tesfaye has built a new school building in the neighboring village Kurume. Quite clearly to us, with dedication and a genuine will to better the world around him, Tesfaye, Suke Quto and Operation Cherry Red are not only bringing the world a better cup of coffee, but along with us at Tiny Footprint, building a better world with each cup.


-Rainforest Alliance



Ethiopia Guji Artisan Series | Suke Quto | Fully Washed | Light Roast

Ethiopia Guji Artisan Series | Suke Quto | Fully Washed | Light Roast