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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Coffee Lover's Box

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We have cracked the code and are here with the perfect Valentine for the coffee lover in your life - our carbon negative Coffee Lover's Box. Complete with a Hario V60, filters, and our Ethiopia Artisan Series coffee, gift that special someone with a perfect pour over - whether they're an old pro or this is their first hand-brewed cup. 

What's included: 

  • Hario V60
  • Hario V60 filters 
  • Ethiopia Artisan Series coffee 

More about this coffee

Flavor profile: Full and silky with chocolate, bergamot and jasmine flavors, sweet raspberry and clove notes reveal in the finish. 

This coffee comes to your cup as a product of passion and investment by Tesfaye and his team at Suke Quto, to create their top lot of the 2020-21 harvest. As participants in the program Operation Cherry Red, the training and resources provided to these farmers has resulted in coffee of the highest quality, which you'll find in your cups today. Beyond all this, Suke Quto founder and farmer, Tesfaye, is not only invested in the environment and sustainability of these farms, but in bolstering the lives of farmers and communities within and around them. With the work of Tesfaye and Tiny Footprint Coffee, you can be sure every cup is just as delicious as it is impactful.

Coffee Lover's Box

Coffee Lover's Box