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Tiny Footprint Coffee

2022 Honduras Artisan Sampler

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We are so excited to bring you our 2022 Honduras Artisan Sampler. Each of these coffees are some of the most delicious, top of the line cups the nation of Honduras and the world have to offer. All sourced by Tiny Footprint Coffee's long time partner and friend, Andros Miti and Cima Coffee, you can rest assured these direct trade coffees are just as delicious as they are impactful to those who produce them. 

With an eye on socio-economic justice and a passion for high-quality beans, Andros Miti works to ensure the dedication and craft each of these producers put into growing and processing their coffee is ethically reflected in trade, and shows up as nuanced, delicious sips of every cup you drink. Thanks to his efforts along with those of the talented producers you see below, we're able to confidently bring you the truly astonishing, specific, and impactful cups you see here today.

We hope you enjoy every bag, each with their own specific, stand alone flavors, impacts, crafts, efforts in sustainability, and stories that represent their special corner of the incredible country of Honduras. And as always with Tiny Footprint Coffee, for every cup you drink, we plant trees to build a better world to drink it in.

What's included:

Honduras | Finca La Guadalupe | Maragogype

Flavor Profile: Round bodied elegant coffee with flavors of deep chocolate and notes of stone fruits.

Roast: Medium
Region: La Labor, Ocotepeque
Farm: Finca La Guadalupe
Elevation:  1,650 meters
Variety: Maragogype
Process: Fully Washed - Slow Patio Dried
Producer: Seline Recinos
More info about this Coffee:
Tiny Footprint Coffee is excited to bring you this exclusive offering - the Maragogype bean from Finca La Guadalupe. The Maragogype is known as "elephant bean" because of it’s larger size, and in our opinion, its refined elegance. A mutation of the Typica varietal, this Maragogype coffee from Seline Recinos comes with a round body, great clarity and flavors of rich chocolate with different stone fruit notes dancing in and out.

More info about this farm:

Over 40 years ago, Selin Recinos Sr. and Petrona Perez started Finca La Guadalupe as a small plot of land, hoping it would help their family prosper. With a keen eye on sustainability, slowly but surely, through two generations of hard work and dedication, the small plot they started has grown. Beyond just growing quality coffee, Selin Jr. demonstrates a strong commitment to growing coffee sustainably, building on the bedrock laid by his father. He minimizes water use alongside a water recycling system, protects the wildlife on his farms, and continues to plant trees on his land. What results from this passion is a sustainable farm and coffee of beyond exceptional quality.

Honduras | Orlando Orita | Anaerobic Fermentation | Micro-lot

Flavor Profile: Full, velvety body with notes of pear and tangerine - light spice, chocolate, and strawberries in the finish

Roast: Light
Region: Guisayote, Ocotepeque
Farm: Finca  Jireh
Elevation1600 meters
Variety: Catuai, Pacas, and Borbon
Process: Anaerobic Fermentation
Producer: Orlando Arita
More info about this coffee:

This coffee is one of Don Orlando's latest experiments with anaerobic fermentation. Usually, coffee cherry is processed within hours of picking to avoid excessive aerobic fermentation that can render the coffee sour or too “funky.” In Don Orlando’s anaerobic process, he locks the cherry in a water filled drum, monitors the PH and temperature to ensure slow anaerobic fermentation that metabolizes the fruit sugars without leaving a vinegar taste, heightening the flavor qualities of the coffee while producing a rich body. After about 72 hours, he washes the cherry, then spreads them out to dry on raised screens for 20-25 days. The care given to these beans by Don Orlando and his family is second to none, as is the unique experience of enjoying a cup.

More info about this farm

Don Orlando started Finca Jireh close to 30 years ago and since has been a pioneer in specialty coffees in Honduras. He has participated and won the cup of excellence in the past and continues to win accolades for his coffees year after year. Don Orlando’s focus on quality is easily appreciated by a look at his farm and his constant experimentation with various processing methods. He is also one of the first Honduran farmers to have a zero waste farm, where any waste produced by coffee growing is recycled in some way and reused to add value. He recycles all the water from his wet mill and ensures it returns without any particles, the Cascara (cherry fruit) is either composted for organic fertilizer or carefully washed and dried for tea.

Honduras | Gesha | Micro-lot

Flavor Profile: Fresh and especially bright for a natural, with deep flavors of passionfruit, ripe berries and cocoa. Brown sugar and jasmine in the finish.
Roast: Light
RegionSan Jose de Colinas, Santa Barbara
Farm: Finca San Jose
Elevation:  1,400 meters
ProcessNatural Processed
Producer: J. Arnold Paz 

More info about this coffee

This coffee is harvested at precise ripeness by an experienced team of 15 long-time Finca San José coffee pickers who have worked with Arnold Paz for over 20 years. For this particular lot of Gesha, it is soaked in water for 24 hours to clean the cherries and limit the bacteria present during drying. The coffee is then dried on a clean patio for 8 hours before arriving into raised beds inside a domed greenhouse, where the coffee then slowly dries for 30 days. After this drying process is complete and the coffee reaches a humidity of 11%, it is all stored together in a large oak crate to rest and homogenize for another 30 days before being ready for export. This attention to detail produces a beautiful fruity coffee with elegant floral notes, berry flavors and a refreshing citric acidity. 

More info about this farm

The Paz-Mejía family has been growing coffee for more than 140 years in the region of Santa Bárbara, Honduras. Arnold’s father, Jose A. Paz Sr. started the process of specializing in high quality coffee and Arnold has taken it to new levels, applying his background as an agronomist to make Finca San Jose an example of the highest quality, sustainable coffee farms in the world. Arnold is also running a nursery of several different varietals, in order to support coffee growers nationwide and secure the genetic diversity that is necessary for coffee to survive the effects of disease and climate change. 



This Limited Edition has limited roasting dates. Upcoming roasting and delivery schedule based on availability. If time is of the essence, feel free to ask when you can expect the next shipment of your awesome coffee to be coming.

2022 Honduras Artisan Sampler

2022 Honduras Artisan Sampler