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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Women Coffee Producers Sampler

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The Women Coffee Producers Sampler overflows with good karma in each cup. At Tiny Footprint Coffee, we believe that environmental and social justice go hand in hand, and while all of our coffees are ethically sourced, socially and environmentally impactful, this sampler is perhaps the easiest and most tasty way to have an expansive, positive impact on the world with every cup you enjoy. 

Since our founding we have been dedicated to sourcing from Women Coffee Producers across the world, consistently and proudly sold and represented their incredible beans, and done our best to tell their stories.

In the Women Producers Sampler, we have compiled the fruits of their labor in one package, though the impact of its sale expands well beyond its walls.

Each of these coffees are grown and produced by inspiring women coffee farmers, whose products not only fuel our days, but bring social, political, and economic change to their lives and communities.

We hope you enjoy every bag, each with their own specific and nuanced flavor, impact, and story of incredible, skilled and inspiring women who bring it to your cup.

What's included:

Colombia Café Femenino

Flavor Profile: Orange noted brightness accenting rich chocolate and dried fruit infused full body.  
Roast: Medium 
Region: Cauca
Farm (Finca): Cooperative lot of Cauca farms
Elevation: 1,375 – 1,900 meters
Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Process: Wet, Fully Washed

This coffee is grown, undergoes a fully washed process, and comes to us as the final product of a community of women coffee farmers based in Cauca - the women of the Café Femenino Colombia Program. The production and purchase of the Colombian Café Femenino directly impacts and is a product of these women coffee farmers and their community in Cauca. Through years of work, they have overcome several social and economic barriers, including the ingrained social stigma of leaving their homes as women. Today, they serve as a thriving bolster to their community and economy. With 438 women farmers actively championed by both their husbands and local governments, the women of the Café Femenino Colombia Program now obtain the title to the lands on which they farm, earn an extra premium for their high-quality coffee beans, and serve in leadership roles as they enact programs, trainings, and initiatives that further benefit their community.

Sumatra Takengon Gayo Takengon Select

Flavor Profile - Lush, syrupy body dripping with rich golden dark roast tones (known in some circles as "King of the Dark Roasts") with surprising clarity and deep sweetness. Notes of dates, pine, semi-sweet chocolate, grape leaves, citrus and nut reveal as the cup cools.
-Roast: Dark
-Region: Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
-Process: Wet hulled and dried in the sun
-Elevation: 1,200 – 1,600 meters
-Varieties: Bourbon, Catimor, and Typica

This coffee comes from the highest altitude family-run farms within two cooperatives—Ketiera and Koperasi Kopi Gayo Organic (KKGO)—located in the Takengon highlands of the northern Ache province on the island of Sumatra. The farms and cooperatives are managed mainly by women from the Gayoneese ethnic group. Many of the men in their community were killed or exiled during the Free Ache Movement, actively resisting Indonesian government control, until as recently as 2005. The movement can trace its roots to the brutal 30 year Ache War of Gayoneese resistance to Dutch colonialism in the late 1800’s. These inspiring and skilled women use the premium Fair Trade prices they receive to address needs in their communities including health clinics and schools, empowered and effecting change with each cup you enjoy.

Guatemala Women Producers ASPROCDEGUA Co-op

Flavor Profile: Deep, rich dark roast flavor wrapped around notes of chocolate, ripe fruit and cherry that all dissolve into a sweet buttery, finish.
-Roast: Dark
-Region: Huehuetenango and San Marcos
-Process: Fully Washed
-Elevation: 1600-2200 meters
-Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache

This coffee comes straight from women owned and/or managed farms within the Asociación de Productores de Café Diferenciados y Especiales de Guatemala cooperative located across multiple municipalities in the departments of Huehuetenango and San Marcos. First, it is the best tasting lot from Guatemala we’ve cupped this season. Second, (and depending on your world view maybe most importantly) it is another coffee that goes beyond fair trade in scope and price, directly empowering our partners at source. In this case, the premiums support technical assistance and social programs focused on food security, nutrition and education.

Mexico El Triunfo Women Producers

Flavor Profile: Clean and sweet, easy to drink, with praline, toffee and lemon flavors coupled with a soft citric acidity.
-Roast: Medium
-Region: El Castaño, Chiapas
-Process: Fully Washed
-Elevation: 900-1800 meters
-Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

The 51 women coffee farmers of the Triunfo Verde Co-op who bring you this cup have come together to address some of the issues that affect women farmers in Mexico. With their work and coordination, they strive to address gender-based domestic violence, legal obstacles to obtaining land ownership, limited opportunities to diversify the family income, fewer educational opportunities, and economic dependence on men. As part of these efforts, the group has launched a financial program for women called FinMujer (Financing of the Coffee Woman). With this initiative, these women coffee producers aim to distribute funds for farm renovation, home improvements, the establishment of savings funds, and more.

Women Coffee Producers Sampler

Women Coffee Producers Sampler