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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Honduras | Los Encinos

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Flavor Profile: Sweet fruit with light spice and a melt-away chocolate-like finish.

Roast: Medium

Region: Puringla, La Paz

Farm (Finca): Los Encinos

Elevation: 1,650 - 1,750 masl

Variety: IH90, Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural

More Info about this coffee

These cherries were selectively harvested for ripeness, then soaked and lightly washed, removing any floaters and underdeveloped beans from the rest. This is a natural process lot, so after any subpar cherries are removed, the rest of the whole cherries are dried without the removal of the fruit from the bean. After being dried for 30+ days on raised beds, the cherries are removed from the bean using a depulping machine. Because the beans are dried with the cherries on them, they retain fruit-forward flavors that balance beautifully with the chocolatey finish of this coffee. 

More Info about this farm

The Medina sisters, Luha and Issel, have worked on their family's farm for years. Although the coffee-growing industry in Honduras has been historically male-dominated (and still is), these sisters have forged their way to being an integral part of the coffee-growing community in Santiago de Puringla. Despite the barriers, Luha and Issel now manage the farm and are involved in many other ways in their community. Other projects that the Medina sisters are taking on include creating a roasted coffee brand with plans of a coffee shop, creating a farmers' co-op (which now runs its own small mill), and product and income diversification efforts (producing honey, fruit wines, etc.). They are living proof that resiliency and tenacity can open doors previously sealed off to women in the male-dominated Honduras coffee scene, and that communities thrive with women at the forefront.


-Direct Trade

-Certified Organic 



Honduras | Los Encinos

Honduras | Los Encinos