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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Honduras | Arnold Paz | Gesha Natural | Micro-Lot

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Flavor ProfileFresh and especially bright for a natural, with deep flavors of passionfruit, ripe berries and cocoa. Brown sugar and jasmine in the finish.

Honduras | Arnold Paz | Gesha Natural | Micro-Lot

Roast: Light

Region: San Jose de Colinas, Santa Barbara

Farm: Finca San Jose

Elevation1,400 meters

Variety: Gesha

Process: Natural Processed


More info about this coffee

This coffee is harvested at precise ripeness by an experienced team of 15 long-time Finca San José coffee pickers who have worked with Arnold Paz for over 20 years. For this particular lot of Gesha, after the picking has been evaluated for ripeness, it is soaked in water for 24 hours to clean the cherries and limit the bacteria present during drying. The coffee is then dried on a clean patio for 8 hours before arriving into raised beds inside a domed greenhouse, where the coffee then slowly dries for 30 days. After this drying process is complete and the coffee reaches a humidity of 11%, it is all stored together in a large oak crate to rest and homogenize for another 30 days before being ready for export. 

This attention to detail produces a beautiful fruity coffee with elegant floral notes, berry flavors and a refreshing citric acidity. 2021 is the first year that Arnold exported this coffee. His young Gesha plantation just came in to full production and he has fine tuned the processing to produce a cup that lives up to the varietal’s reputation. We're so excited to share the fruits of his labor with you.

More info about this farm

The Paz-Mejía family has been growing coffee for more than 140 years in the region of Santa Bárbara, Honduras. Arnold Paz represents the fourth generation of producers and for them these lands are sacred, representing their heritage, hundreds of stories and life experiences. Arnold’s father, Jose A. Paz Sr. started the process of specializing in high quality coffee and Arnold has taken it to new levels, applying his background as an agronomist to make Finca San Jose an example of the highest quality, sustainable coffee farms in the world.

Arnold is also running a nursery of several different varietals, in order to support coffee growers nationwide and secure the genetic diversity that is necessary if we want coffee to survive the effects of disease and climate change. Arnold is constantly experimenting at all levels, from growing, nutrition & harvesting practices, to trying out many fermentation, drying & ageing processes. 

Honduras | Arnold Paz | Gesha Natural | Micro-Lot

Honduras | Arnold Paz | Gesha Natural | Micro-Lot