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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Honduras | El Cedral | Dark Roast

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Flavor Profile: Lush, soft layers of chocolate and golden dark roast tones with notes of orange and spice. 

 Roast: Dark

Region: Corpus, Copan, Honduras

Farm: El Cedral

Elevation:  1,550 - 1,650 meters

Variety: Pacas, Catuai, IH90

Process: Fully Washed - Patio-Dried

More Info about this coffee

In western Honduras, near the borders of Guatemala and El Salvador, this coffee was grown right next to the Erapuca, the second-largest mountain in Honduras. The volcanic soil that exists here is very fertile and ideal for the prosperity of coffee trees, fruit trees including banana, avocado, guava, and nispero, and many other species such as cypress, Spanish Cedar, and Cortez Amarillo. This ecological diversity is clearly reflected in the coffee that this land produces, and it translates to your cup with a clear complexity unique to this specific part of the earth.

Erik's coffee is picked at the optimal ripeness before flowing through an ecological depulper using minimal water. This coffee is washed, meaning the depulped cherry is wet fermented before the entirety of the fruit is washed away, and then the drying process begins. This method of processing the cherry makes for clarity and vibrancy in the final product. The beans are subsequently slowly dried on patios for fifteen days, with some rest between drying periods to ensure good preservation of the beans' capillaries. Finally, the coffee is bagged in nylon sacks and rests for 30-45 days before being milled for export.  

More Info about this farm

 Jonny and Erik Garcia have worked together since they were young boys. Today, they continue this connection through their coffee with Erik managing the farming and harvesting while Jonny takes care of drying and storing the coffees. 

Their farm is already certified to the highest standards, but their environmentally-minded ethos is what's truly attractive to us here at Tiny Footprint Coffee. In search to continue to improve the land on which they live and farm, they have already begun a process of ecosystem regeneration by adding more fruit, wood, and shade trees, encouraging the restoration of ecological balance in their corner of the world.

Erik's coffee comes to us through direct trade with our friend Andros Mitri of Cima Coffees. Originally from Honduras, Andros brings personal care, attention, and dedication to choosing Honduran coffee. With an eye on economic and ecological development, Andros works with the entire supply chain to ensure the same specificity and dedication Erik puts into growing and processing his coffee is reflected in the final cup.  

-Direct Trade

-Certified Organic 



Honduras | El Cedral | Dark Roast

Honduras | El Cedral | Dark Roast